mark johnson

Mark Johnson


"Corporate events have evolved into high-impact brand experiences. But the tech that companies are using often lags behind their needs. As CEO, I'm passionate about innovating, driving strategy and improving returns for our clients and their events by creating better event tech."

adrien petersen

Adrien Petersen


"The event tech landscape changes by the minute. My passion is driving this change from the forefront of this evolution, pushing our limits every day and creating better results for the people and brands our tech is designed to serve."

rachel seashore

Rachel Seashore


"eventcore is a place where smart, motivated people learn and grow in a supportive environment. Each of us has a daily opportunity to make a difference. I love this place."

david beckett

David Beckett

Senior VP of Professional Services

"Our teams created our core values. My favorite one is “we solve.” We embrace the unique challenges associated with events and deploy the latest technologies to solve for them. We enjoy learning from each other and building relationships along the way. It takes a unique combination of abilities to be successful in this space, and I am so fortunate to work alongside some of the very best!"

alan dukes

Alan Dukes

VP of Technical Development

"My passion is helping to foster an atmosphere where individuals have the freedom to grow professionally, make a real difference, and provide maximum value to our clients in the process. An environment that values collaboration while believing in each individual is golden. This is us, every single day, at eventcore."

chris emerson

Chris Emerson

VP of Sales and Marketing

"Great salespeople are great listeners. They’re both curious and empathetic about the client’s business challenges. They build trust. Then, they unpack the puzzle and do the work finding solutions."

tim schmanski

Tim Schmanski

VP of Product and Alliances

"Having an outstanding culture and aligned core values is essential for creativity, innovation, and growth within any organization and eventcore fully embraces this notion. Our future growth depends greatly on the success of our customer and partner relationships and the experience we create and deliver together is everything!"