Five Phases

We’re With You Every Step of the Way


Events are about humans, from the planning team to the sponsors to the VIP guests. You need an event technology solution that supports this. Tell us the goals and aspirations you have for your event; tell us how you want your attendees to feel, how you’ll know your event was a success; we’ll help identify your key functional requirements, and recommend a solid event tech solution to bring your vision to life.

Ask us. Challenge us. Push us for better answers to your biggest registration challenges. Because that’s how the best innovations happen.

Because this solution was built just for us, we found it was more accurate than anything else we’ve used.
—Stefany Blinn, Event Manager at Zillow


Solution defined and challenge accepted, our team gets to work building your registration site from our foundational asset libraries of code. This brings the cost of a built-to-spec solution down and dramatically shortens implementation times compared to coding from scratch. And because it’s built to your exact needs, you avoid the workarounds so common in typical event software.

We don’t reinvent the wheel; we revolutionize the way your event comes to life.

I never once doubted that eventcore could deliver what they promised.
—Isabel Wrench, former manager of delegate networking for Microsoft’s Global Executive Partner Summit

Go Live

When the registration platform goes live, you need to know who’s invited, who’s paid, who’s booked, who’s canceled, who gets what swag. You need real-time insights on marketing metrics, finances, accounting and contract fulfillment. You have zero time to waste matching hotel lists with registration data, updating your CRM, or figuring out why registration codes aren’t working.

Yes, we know event tech. But we know the human face of events too, and bring a rich body of knowledge to bear to solve your challenges, supported by a U.S.-based customer service team that knows your event almost as well as you do.

Just wanted to say a personal and enormous thank you to you for all your hard work, patience and ‘hell yes we can fix that’ attitude.
—Isabel Wrench, former manager of delegate networking for Microsoft’s Global Executive Partner Summit


Support shouldn’t stop at the help desk. We offer on-site technology support so you know it will just work. Plus we offer boots-on-the-ground event pros to take care of all the inevitable little things that happen when those doors open. This added support takes your event technology solution – and your attendee experience – to an entirely new level. Your guests will experience the flawless registration and check-in experience you know they deserve.

We are just as passionate about the event itself as we are about the technology behind it.

The eventcore person onsite helping them check in was so kind and comforting for our international student attendees.
—Joan Hoshino, consultant with Microsoft Imagine Cup

Post Event

Better every time … that’s our aim. Wrap-up reporting, registration closure data like hotel audits and attendee reports, and open feedback between your team and ours positions you for an even stronger event next time. With eventcore fully integrated into your end-2-end event management tech stack, you have access to a complete picture of event data to prove your event ROI and grow your results year over year.

We are inspired every day by our clients and partners who are always bringing us fresh challenges and a reason to get to the office.

eventcore’s got skin in the game and it’s a true partnership.
—Joan Hoshino, former consultant with Microsoft Build events

Learn how the right event technology solution … and the human element … will elevate your event. Book a demo today.