The Four Pillars of eventcore Culture

We own it

We are individually dedicated to our craft. We own our professional and personal development and are continuous learners, driven by curiosity. We see things through even when the going gets tough. We are accountable to each other and do not assign blame to others. We are professionals, confidently embracing challenges by doing our very best. We aim to exceed expectations for tasks small and large. We are obsessed with delivering secure, high quality, reliable solutions.

We solve the "impossible"

We collectively stay focused on solutions instead of problems. We are resilient and relentless in our pursuit of delivering the “impossible” without overpromising or compromising our commitments. We seek to learn from experts and create an environment which prides itself on sharing knowledge. We embrace challenges and take pride in our abilities as a team to figure out the toughest, most complex issues. We use innovative technology to meet deliverables with the anticipation of the client and partner needs.

We are connected

We are engaged, present and available to each other, our partners and our clients. We seek to understand the big picture, and we know what is expected of us and the other members of the team. We champion the desires of our clients. We share our progress and learnings with each other consistently. We embrace collaboration and understand the entirety of our commitments.

We serve

We are servant leaders. Without ego, we take pride in caring about the whole person. We listen with empathy by putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. We seek to understand before being understood. We are aware that our actions and behaviors have an impact on those around us. We are honest, inclusive and ego-less. We are conscientious citizens and strive to make a difference.

Join Us

Be part of a growing company where you can make a real impact. Be empowered to make a difference, and be inspired to bring innovation to corporate events. You’ll work on small, agile teams where cooperation and fun are keys to our success. Every new hire shapes our growth; that’s why we care so much about bringing in great people to grow with us. We believe that stronger team members create stronger teams.

Employee Benefits

Outstanding medical/dental/vision care
401(k) matching
Disability insurance
Team-building events
Flexible PTO policies
Telecommuting options
Community service opportunities
Professional education